Bathroom Design Trends

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Bathroom Design Trends

Looking to redesign a space within your home, but don’t know where to start? It’s best to choose a
space that is frequently used and is common between people living in the house as well as their guests. This means that you get the most use (and views!) out of your newly designed space. Bonus! Therefore, the bathroom is always a great place to start, and so much fun to redesign too as the possibilities are endless!

Now that you know WHAT you’re going to redesign, it’s time to decide HOW you want it to look. So
where do you start? It is important to first consider the overall theme that you are going for. Keeping in line with 2019 trends, a Modern Chic style is a favourite among current trends. Combine this with muted pastels and an Art Nouveau element, and you have a winning combination!

Interior Design is a work of art, and as with any other work of art, it is best to start with the background. In this case, it means selecting your tiles. Choosing a patterned and/or textured tile for the walls brings a whole new dimension to your bathroom and instantly transforms the space. It is best to pair a simple floor tile with a patterned wall tile to avoid the space looking cluttered and busy. A plain Beige tile or a Brown wood-look tile works well with the gorgeous Art Nouveau patterned tile featured in this mood board. Next, it is time to decide on an accent wall for the bathroom. Sticking with the current trend of muted pastels, you can use these beautiful Pink hexagon tiles for the feature wall in your shower or behind a vanity. If you prefer a more subtle (but still effective) feature wall, the textured White tile featured here, is definitely the answer.

Once you have selected your tiles and created your background, you need to decide on accessories.
Keeping with modern styles and trends, this mood board features Stainless Steel accessories that have a squared shape, rather than a classic round one. This look also complements the sharp, straight edges of the hexagonal tile, creating a sense of harmony throughout your bathroom. Stainless Steel accessories offer a stylish and timeless finish that can be paired with any style bathroom.

Keeping to a Modern Chic style when redesigning your bathroom, ensures that your home is up to date with the latest trends while remaining simple and beautiful. Adding an element from the Art Nouveau era (or any era of your choice) adds a personal touch to the bathroom, while muted pastels offer a soothing look and feel that adds a hint of subtlety to the overall design.

Credits: Thank you to @splashstudiosa for your contributions.
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