Entrepreneurship Competition

Entrepreneurship CompetitionSymbiosis Projects Entrepreneurship Competition

Symbiosis Projects hosts competitions with the aim of empowerment and education of those interested in putting a foot in the door in the entrepreneurship field. Not only to those new to the industry but also for industry professionals.

Who May Participate?

Unfortunately, we do have some age restrictions. This is due to various factors. It is required that you are at least 13 years of age for you to participate. For those between the ages of 13 and 18 years old, additional documentation will have to be filled in should you win a prize due to legislation.

In essence, everyone older than 13 years of age may participate. We do not take into account past experience in the industry, education or any portfolios that you might have. Besides, the aim is to educate and empower.

Cost of Participation

There is a flat rate that we ask when you sign up for the competition. From competition to competition this may fluctuate and will be communicated well in advance.

To participate in the competition we are currently planning, a fee of R300 per person.


Same as the cost of participation, the prizes will fluctuate from competition to competition. Bare in mind, we do determine the prize money for a competition by the number of participants for the previous competition. Hence, the more participants join, the higher the prize money for the next competition.

We offer the following prizes currently:

  • First – R10 000.00
  • Second – R3500.00
  • Third – R2500.00

What is the Competition About?

We aim to expose everyone participating to the industry through real-life scenarios. All our competitions will have numerous scenarios exposing you to several fields to open your eyes to the possibilities out there.

Below you will find sample scenarios:

  • Tshwane Events is hosting an auction of famous South African artworks. They reach out to you offering you the opportunity to become the project manager of raising funds at the time of the event to recover some of the costs that went into the auction. You are to submit the plan of how you will raise funds. You are granted permission to start with your fundraising funds 2 months prior to the auction and the auction will last for a week. In total, you have 9 weeks to raise funds. Realistic figures are to be used as a backup explanation of your plan. Remember, your payment will come from these funds.
  • Symbiosis Projects approaches you to arrange an international trip for 5 of their employees. For this competition, you must find a relevant quote from an active Travel agent/Company and you must offer a better alternative. Remember to save all your details for backup as this needs to be realistic.

How do I Participate?

Send an email to admin@symbiosisprojects.co.za stating your interest. We will revert with documents you will need to fill out and return back to us via email. Alternatively, complete the form below.

Entrepreneurship Competition
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