August 2020 Competition

August 2020 Competition


This competition will focus on empowering participants in creative thinking. This will be a research-intensive competition where you will work in the comfort of your own space. Closer to the time we will communicate final dates, but for now, the aim is to start the competition on the 1st of August 2020 and the last day to submit your work will be the 29th of August 2020.

112Days 23Hours 53Minutes 48Seconds

Prize Money:

There are three prizes to be won:

  1. R10 000 or 30% of the total competition profit, whichever is most.
  2. R3500 or 15.5% of the total competition profit, whichever is most.
  3. R2500 or 8.5% of the total competition profit, whichever is most.

More details will be in the participation forms for you to clearly understand our approach.

Participation Cost:

First of all, we would like to mention that this is our first actual competition. We have run several “dummy” competitions for research purposes and are happy with the process we have finalised.

For this competition, we charge a fee of R300.00 per person to participate. We have a sliding scale Prize pot when we reach a certain amount of participants. This means that the more participants there are, the bigger the prize pot for the top three participants. 

In future, we aim to give prizes to the top 20 participants, however, we will only be able to do this when the competition has matured.

Why only in August 2020?

The main reason that we have decided to host the Symbiosis Project’s Entrepreneurship Competition only in August 2020 is because of the fact that this will be our first competition. We aim to have the competition be as flawless as possible. The experience must be one that will make participants participate again and again. For the rest of the 2020 year, we aim to focus on marketing, company procedures relating to the competition and forming partnerships with companies who in the future may perhaps offer scholarships for the students who win the competition.

Symbiosis Projects Entrepreneurship Competition will be solely online and as such our platforms need to be set in order before we can attempt to host a competition as such.